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Getting Around in San Francisco

Getting Around in San Francisco

San Francisco Travel Tips

We love San Francisco and we’d like to wager that you will too! So we’ve but together some newbie San Francisco travel tips for those who may be making their first trip there.

San Francisco Travel Tips

Don’t bring your car in  San Francisco

No, really. Just don’t. When I was a kid, we had family in the Bay Area, and we drove into SF many times. I still have fond memories of my mom cursing while trying to find a parking spot. There is absolutely no point in bringing a car. You’ll be paying over $40/night to park it at your hotel, and you won’t need it.

I repeat: You don’t need it.

Traffic in San Fransisco is insane. Hills, one-way streets, aggressive cab drivers, pedestrians and bikes everywhere. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to consider other options.

If you need a car in San Francisco, use alternates

If you do decide to take a venture up or down the coast, there are several car rental companies that are super easy to use and will cost much less in the long term. The one we frequented was the car share program Relay Rides. My boyfriend and I have used this on multiple occasions with great success. We have always gone with a nicer car, like an Audi or Lexus. The cost for these types of vehicles are surprisingly low. If you’re just after whatever type of transportation is available, you may be able to find a rental company that can compete with the cost. The application process takes a day or two, so get approved to rent before you actually need the car.


San Francisco Travel Tips

There are a multitude of transportation options in the city. For the traveler who has a forgiving budget: Uber http://www.uber.com, Lyft http://www.lyft.com, and Sidecar http://www.side.cr are all extremely easy to use with any smartphone. On an even less-forgiving budget, there’s the public transportation system: BART https://www.bart.gov and Muni https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/transit And, if you’re like us, you’ll end up walking so much that you burn off all the calories you ate at one of the thousands of outstanding restaurants in the area. If you get tired of all the walking, just pull out your phone and grab an Uber or plop down and enjoy the sights while you wait at the nearest bus stop.

San Francisco was made for walking

Drawing from my last point, you’ll do a fair bit of walking in this city, if you really want to discover everything it has to offer. On our first trip, I planned my outfits to look more “cute” and less “utility.” This means I brought my “cute” tennis shoes, which hardly passed for tennis shoes at all. I also brought some stylish flats that look awesome with a dress but prove terrible for long distances. I knew we would be by the ocean so I also brought flip-flops. And, of course, I brought several “cute” outfits to match my shoe choices!

This terrible packing decision resulted in us detouring our path to the nearest Walgreens to buy shoe inserts as my feet were covered in blisters. I ended up wearing the same pair of jeans nearly the whole trip because, as it turns out, it’s hard to walk everywhere in short dresses. Pack so you can get around and explore during the day, and save the “cute” outfits for a night out to dinner.

I’m a huge supporter of the blister band-aids. Stick one over a blister and they act like a second layer of skin. If we hadn’t discovered these, we probably wouldn’t have discovered much of the city. Also another reason never to leave home without packing even a basic travel first aid kit!


San Francisco Bicycles

If you’re in shape, bike SF

San Francisco is super bike-friendly. You’ll see bike rental places all over the city. You’ll also see lots of people biking. If you’re in shape and can handle the steep hills, consider biking. I especially suggest renting a bike to explore Golden Gate Park, or doing the tourist thing and riding one over the bridge to Sausalito. The fresh ocean air is truly exhilarating while taking in the sights, and you’ll get from point A to point B a bit faster than on foot.

Use Google Maps to get around San Francisco

During our trip, I found that Google Maps was, by far, the best way to get directions and plan travel time. It even had a great option for navigating transit, both Muni and BART. There’s a plethora of apps for getting around the city, but trusty Google had our backs most consistently.

Pay attention to city events

On our first voyage, we made a big itinerary with a list of things to do. One evening, we figured we could go from Haight Street to our hotel in the Financial District with an Uber car, change clothes, and make it to another event that evening. We didn’t even consider that our route would take us through Chinatown in the middle of the Chinese New Year. Traffic was so delayed that we ended up getting out of the car and walking the rest of the way. We made the decision to walk and save a few minutes stuck in the back of a car too late. We missed our evening plans because we were too exhausted from the long walk to the hotel. This sounds like common sense, but we made the mistake, and I’m willing to bet other people did too. If it’s a huge holiday, a conference, the San Francisco 2016 Superbowl, or some other large local event, do your research! Give yourself some extra time! Streets here are narrow, traffic is awful, and being early never hurt anyone.

San Francisco Travel Tips