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Getting Around in San Francisco

San Francisco Travel Tips We love San Francisco and we’d like to wager that you will too! So we’ve but together some newbie San Francisco travel tips for those who may be making their first trip there. Don’t bring your car in  San Francisco No, really. Just don’t. When I was a kid, we had […]

Eddie’s First (and second) Overnighter!

We wanted to test this beast out as soon as possible. The weather had other plans. Luckily, my brother likes to drive out to the desert to shoot guns and scratch his balls and various other guy stuff. Sounds perfect for the first night in the RV! My kids were with their dad, so it […]

Picking Up Cousin Eddie

We picked up Eddie on a Friday afternoon. I brought along The Main Dudes in my life. My brother PB, who is brilliant with engines and mechanics and taking things apart to put back together again. My Man Friend, Mr. Jeff, who knows quite a bit about cars, is brilliant at business, is my best […]

Eddie the Warthog Freedom Fighter

My name is Amy. I’m a pretty boring person, usually. But I’m setting out on a weird, risky adventure that I’ve always dreamed of doing. It’s funny how life has a way of giving you what you ask for… for example, I was asking for a way out of renting. And suddenly, my lease was […]